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29 nov 2010                 Het Jonge Paard Interclub Champion 2010


The weekend of 26-28 nov, was a very intense weekend. The last matches in the Interclubcompetition 2010 were played, and there were hard battles on every board.

Team HJP 1 of Het Jonge Paard was at the end the best team, and deservedly became Interclubchampion 2010. Interclubchampion 2009 Rukhmania ended on the 2nd place.

Team HJP 1 was succesful because all their players were performing at a score of 65% and higher.

Interclubchampion 2010 HJP 1: Robert Ramsaran, Ricardo dos Ramos, Gavin Ooft, Franklin Mungroo. Not on the photo Wim Veer and Satish Lautan.


 Members of HJP 1 and HJP 2, posing together with International Arbiter Aubrey Kappel


The Final Ranking in the Top Division (after 10 rounds):

                         Matches  Comp points  Board points 

1. HJP 1               10             17                37 1/2

2. Rukhmania        10             16                33 

3. Caissa              10             11                27.5

4. CSV                 10               9                22.5

5. HJP 2               10               5                18

6. Moengo            10               2                12


In the Eerste klasse (First division) the final ranking was:

1. Rukhmania 2

2. Caissa 2

3. CSV 2 


Unfortunately Moengo will degradate from the Top division to the First division, and Rukhmania 2 will play next year in the Top division.


Under here a report of the rounds 8 -10 in the Top division:


Friday 26 nov :  Round 8 


Moengo - HJP 1   1 - 4

The big surprise was the loss of Wim Veer (HJP) to youthplayer Roche Karyodrono (Moengo). It was all going too well for Wim Veer, until he blunders in a won position, by giving away his queen. Roche Karyodrono is the topscorer of Moengo with some remarkable wins against strong opponents.


Caissa - Rukhmania  1 1/2 - 3 1/2

Rukhmania surprisingly didn't line up their normal topplayers. Caissa played with 4 players and had to leave, without a battle, an important point on board 4 to the youngster Pierre Chang of Rukhmania. After 3 draws on board 1, 3 and 5, Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe got the decisive win on board 2 over Auke Treu, in a very good played game with a sublime finish.


HJP 2 - CSV : 3 1/2 - 1 1/2

CSV also shows up with a reserve team. HJP 2 with 4 players managed to get their 2nd match victory in the competition with 3 wins and 1 draw.


Saturday 27 nov ; Round 9


Caissa - HJP 1  2 1/2 - 2 1/2

For insiders this was the most important and decisive match for HJP 1, to stay on course for the championship. Caissa was this time at full strength.

It started with a early draw on board 2 in the game Ricardo dos Ramos (HJP) vs Auke Treu (Caissa). This draw looks favourable for HJP because the match-ups on board 3,4 and 5 were on paper better for HJP. On board 1 Franklin Mungoo (HJP) was slowing getting in trouble against national champion CM Roger Matoewi. With a smart move Roger created space for his bishoppair. After a bishopsacrifice on h6, Franklin had to resign. On board 3 Alfred Ford (Caissa) also tried a knight sacrifice, but this didn't work out, the way he wanted. Staying a piece behind, Alfred Ford was playing a lost game against Wim Veer. 1 1/2 - 1 1/2.

On board 4, with a pawn up, it seems like Gavin Ooft (HJP) had the better position against Michael Blaaspijp (Caissa). But Michael Blaaspijp manoeuvres his light pieces very well and improves his position with every move, and eventually went on winning the game against the more favourite Gavin Ooft. Suddenly team HJP 1 find themself trailing behind with  2 1/2 - 1 1/2.

As Satish Lautan was unable to play, HJP 1 brought back good-old Robert Ramsaran to fall in.

Robert Ramsaran was playing against Carlos dos Ramos on board 5, and on his come-back he found himself in a very critical game, important for the championship of his club.

It seems all over for HJP, when the attack of Robert Ramsaran was brought to a stop, and at the same time loosing 2 pawns. Both players were in time trouble, when suddenly Robert pull out a winning combination of his hat, and saved HJP race for the title. 


The important match Caissa - HJP 1, while IA Aubrey Kappel is watching

CSV - Rukhmania 2 1/2 - 2 1/2

Once againn Rukhmania didn't line up their strongest players. On board 1 Etienne Koenders (CSV) didn't handled the Budapester Gambit very well against CM Satish Hanuman (Rukhm), and already in the opening he had to resign. On board 5 Immanuel Kromosoeto (CSV) pull the score against Salik in balance. 1-1.  On board 3 National Youthchampion Romario Sanches (CSV) won his game against Gerrit Amatdarso. 

 On board 4 it looks like a complete won game for Richie Maskam (CSV) against Pierre Chang.

CSV was already smelling a victory over Rukhmania, when out of the blue, Richie Maskam gave away a whole rook for free. 2 - 2.

The decisive game was once again on board 2, Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe against Avikaar Malgie.

In the longest game of the night (everybody had already left), in a game with chances at both sides, the game ended, almost at midnight, in a draw.

                     Everybody left, but the game Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe vs Avikaar Malgie

is still on

HJP 2 - Moengo 2 1/2 - 1 1/2

Moengo scores their first matchvictory over HJP 2. Both teams playing with 4 players.   

Geryen dos Ramos - Saief Alimoestar  0 - 1

Alexander Kafiluddin - Regillio Karyodrono  0 - 1

Rosangela dos Ramos - Vincent Barron  1 - 0

Alex Bang A Foe - Roche Karyodrono    1/2 - 1/2


Sunday 28 nov 2010 Round 10


The match for the championship was the match :


Within 20 minutes HJP 1 got a flying start when on board 2 Ricardo dos Ramos capture the queen of Avikaar Malgie. After this the gate was open to win the title with an startling score of


 Franlin Mungroo - Etienne Koenders        1 - 0

Ricardo dos Ramos - Avikaar Malgie         1 - 0

Wim Veer - Romario Sanches                  1 - 0

Gavin Ooft - Richie Maskam                     1 - 0

Robert Ramsaran - Immanuel Kromosoeto 1 - 0   


 Rukhmania - HJP 2  4 - 1

 CM Suradj Hanuman (Rukhm) got a free point

 Viresh Giasi - Geryen dos Ramos             1 - 0

John Ramdattewarie - Alexander Kafiluddin 1 - 0

 Pierre Chang - Rosangela dos Ramos        1 - 0

Manish Ramjiawan - WCM Tesora Ooft       0 - 1


Moengo - Caissa 3 -2

Almost Moengo got their 2nd matchvictory over Caissa. Regillio Karyodrono got a surprising win over Michael Blaaspijp. Son Roche Karyodrono also wins his game against Sabrina dos Ramos.

Alfred Ford got the winning game for Caissa against Saief Alimoestar.




25 nov 2010                 Suriname celebrates 35 years independence

Congratulations to the Nation !!

We are proud to be part of this wonderful country, showing the world how people of different race, cultures and religions can live in peace and harmony with each other.

Suriname, a country that is unique in the world, a tropical paradise, oxygenprovider to the world, with a rich supply of mineral resources, shall be someday one of the richest countries

in the world.


"Surinamese flag formed by thousands of people" at 30 years independence, on our independence square in Paramaribo.



24 nov 2010                     Suriname superior in Inter Guyana Games (IGG)


  In the Inter Guyana Games, held in Georgetown, Guyana, in the period 19 nov - 22 nov 2010,

Suriname dominated the games, by winning volleyball and basketball (male and female) and chess. Only in cycle racing, Suriname had to leave the honours to Guyana.

Our chess selection were very good chessambassadors, and their attitude and focus on the boards, made great impression on our minister of Sport and his staff, and also on the other sporters. They never knew how demanding a chessgame can be in terms of mental endurance and concentration, and that a chessgame can last 5 hours. Also they were very impressed with the fact that the Surinamese chessselection participated with 2 ladies, who fearless take on their male opponents.  Guyana and French-Guyana participated with only male players. 

Suriname won the 1st match from French-Guyana with 3 1/2 - 1/2. Draw from Ekaterina Naipal. The 2nd match against Guyana was intense. Ekaterina Naipal won on board 3 after 2 hours against Cecil Cox from Guyana. Gavin Ooft on board 2 threw away his superior position in the endgame, and had to settle for a draw. On board 4 Rosangela dos Ramos was playing the U-19 youthchampion of Guyana, Ron Motilal. In a game where although Rosangela had most of the time the better position, she nearly made the timecontrol for 40 moves.

The match Suriname- Guyana.


Ekatarina and Rosangela against their male opponents of Guyana 


In the extended 30 minutes with 30 seconds increment, she reached a endgame with bishops of opposite colors, and agreed after almost 5 hours play to a draw, overseeing at that moment a winning  pawnmove. On board 1 Viresh Giasi got Taffin Khan in front of him. In a difficult rooks endgame, it took Viresh 5 hours, to made his opponent capitulate.

Final score: Suriname-Guyana 3 - 1.  

The winning chessselection of Suriname, with in their middle, the Surinamese minister of Sport, mr. Paul Abena. Standing in the back the Cuban trainer of Suriname,

IM Nestor Velez Betancourt.


This is the 3rd consecutive time, that  Suriname took the IGG chess championship.

Looking at the games of the Guyana youngster, we had to say that they are talented and that they are becoming stronger. Our next IGG chess selection, will consist of new players and the next new Surinamese IGG chess selection will have a tough task to maintain the good results and performance put down so far.  


Congratulations to our young chessplayers, who made us proud

in Guyana !


18 nov 2010                         Chess selection for the 3rd time in Inter Guyanese Games

         Viresh Giasi


       Gavin Ooft


     Ekaterina Naipal


     Rosangela dos Ramos


  Early this morning, at 05.00h, approx 100 sporters and officials of the volleyball, basketball, racingcycle and chessselections gathers together at the NIS, for their bustravel to Nickerie, Southdrain, cross the Corantijnriver with the ferry,and from there on to Georgetown. A long 8 hour travel.

Chess is still a demosport within the Inter Guyanes Games.


This is the 3rd time Chess is on the Inter Guyanese program. Last year in Paramaribo, earlier this year in Cayenne (French-Guyana) and now in Georgetown (Guyana). Both time Suriname had won their previous meetings against Guyana and French-Guyana. The Chessselection of Suriname consist of 2 (u-19) male players (kwalification through National Youthchampionships 2010) and 2 (U-19) female players (kwalification through National Ladieschampionship 2010).


The players are :Viresh Giasi, Gavin Ooft, Ekaterina Naipal and

Rosangela dos Ramos. For Rosangela dos Ramos (14 y),  this is her first time in this Inter Guyanese selection.


For Gavin, Ekaterina and Viresh, this will be their last Inter Guyanese Games, because next year they will be not U-19 anymore.


IM Nestor Velez Betancourt, the Cuban trainer and Carlos dos Ramos, president of the Surinaamse Schaakbond, will accompany the selection.


Together with the French-Guyanese selections, the busses had left at 06.30u

and at this moment they will be close at Southdrain, to cross the Corantijnriver with the ferry.


The selections will stay in Ocean View International Hotel, and the games will start on friday 19 nov and will end on sunday 21 nov. The selections will return to Suriname on monday 22 nov. 

17 nov 2010     Het Jonge Paard still leader in Interclubcompetiton 2010


Chessplayers can also play football!! 

 The Interclubcompetition was continued in the weekend 12-14 nov.

On sunday the matches were played in Lelydorp, Sportcentre de Craneweg.

After the matches on sunday, the chessplayers, put together a footbalteam, and played against

De Craneweg Football Pro's. Despite the fact the chessplayers, saw each other for the first time, with a ball, the final score was 3-3. The goalscorerers were Barron, Vickey Ramdattewarie and Sampi. A remarkable result!! A lot of new footballtalents were discovered. The footballteam of the chessplayers was a blend of younger and older chessplayers, from every chessclub. The one minute the chessplayers battling each other for hours on the board, and the next minute they are playing footbal together. This kind of sporthappenings ask for repetition, and it is very good for the teambuilding.  


The matches in the Top Divisions: 


Friday 12 nov 2010


 Round 5

CSV - HJP 1 :  1/2 - 4 1/2

Etienne Koenders - Franklin Mungroo      0 - 1  

Avikaar Malgie - Ricardo dos Ramos       0 - 1

Frank Lo Kim Lin - Satish Lautan            0 - 1 (R)

Romario Sanches - Wim Veer                 0- 1

Richie Maskam - Gavin Ooft                   1/2 - 1/2 


RUKHM - HJP 2 : 4 - 1

HJP 2 playing Rukhmania with 4 players, and still causing Rukhmania a lot of problems.

Giasi lack of concentration in a winning position, gave Alexander the opportunity to get a draw.

Rosangela had a quality up, but failed to complete her 40 moves.

Reyna played a very tough game against Calvin, absorbing his fierce attack, and creating via the center an attack for herself. A very thrilling game, with both queens attacking the kings, ended in a draw.

The games: 

Satish Hanuman - ...........                              1 -0 (R)

Viresh Giasi - Alexander Kafiluddin                 1/2 - 1/2

John Ramdattewarie - Rosangela dos Ramos   1 - 0

Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe - Reyna Frijde                 1/2 - 1/2

Gerrit Amatdarso - Christian Moeljoredjo           1 - 0




Saturday 13 nov 2010


Round 6


HJP 2 - HJP 1 :  1 - 4

HJP 2 playing on 3 boards, and get draws from Alexander Kafiluddin against Satish Lautan (HJP 1) and Reyna Frijde also held Wim Veer on a draw.


MOENGO - RUKHM : 1 - 4


CSV - CAISSA :  2 1/2 - 2 1/2


Sunday 14 nov 2010


Round 7


HJP 1 - RUKHM :  2 1/2 - 2 1/2

The classico. Rukhmania can not afford to lose this match, because HJP is then too far ahead to catch. After winning on board 1 and board 2, Rukhmania took an early 2 - 0 lead, but for a long time it looks like HJP would get a 3-2 win. Satish Lautan could not take advantage of a favourable endposition, single rooks with 4 against 3 pawns. This game ended in a very important draw. This draw will keep the competition excited, and still everything is possible.

The games:

Franklin Mungroo (HJP)  - FM Dewperkash Gajadin      0 - 1 

Ricardo dos Ramos - CM Suradj Hanoeman                0 - 1 

Satish Lautan - Viresh Giasi                                      1/2 - 1/2

Wim Veer - John Ramdattewarie                                 1 - 0

Gavin Ooft - Pierre Chang                                           1 - 0


CAISSA - HJP 2 : 3 1/2 - 1 1/2

HJP 2 playing again with 3 players, and almost get a draw out of this match.

Moeljoredjo (HJP2) won his game on board 5 against Michael Rozenblad.

On board 4 Rosangela dos Ramos was battling with her niece Sabrina dos Ramos.

This game was  the longest game of the afternoon.

On board 2 Geryen dos Ramos had the better position against Michael Blaaspijp,

but the position slips into a equal position, where both kings were tied to protect pass pawns

from promoting. But Geryen overestimate his position and try to forced a win, but did not calculate the move after promotion, and ended up loosing his promoted queen. 

A draw on board 2 would have given HJP 2 hope to draw the match against Caissa, as the match Rosangela - Sabrina was still going on. Rosangela had the better chance to win, but after deliberation with the players both captains agreed to a draw. 


CSV - MOENGO : 4 - 1


The standing after 7 rounds:


                                 Matches   Comp points   Board points 

1. HJP 1                        7                 12                   26

2. Rukhmania                7                 11                    23

3. Caissa                      7                   8                    20 1/2 

4. CSV                         7                   8                     18 1/2 

5. HJP 2                       7                   3                     12

6. Moengo                     7                   0                      6 1/2

In the First division, the team of Rukhmania is still the commanding leader.


Coming weekend a chess selection will participate in the Inter-Guyanese Games in Georgetown, Guyana. Because of this, the final 3 rounds of the Interclubcompetition will be play, in the weekend of  26 - 28 nov 2010.


10 nov 2010                Miranda Lyceum High School champion 2010


  In the weekend of 6-7 november, the School teamchesschampionships were played in a very tight schedule of 2 days. The schools were divided in 3 sections, a section for the primary schools, a section for the secondary schools and a section for the high schools.

In the primary schoolsection there were 5 schools, in the secondary schoolsection there were 8 teams form 6 schools, and in the high school section there were 7 teams from 4 schools. The tournament was not well-organized and the mobilisation of schools and promotion was very poor. This tournament should be one of the highlights of the Surinaamse Schaakbond. It supposed to have a lasting positive impression for all the young first-time chesplayer, parents and schoolteachers, and it should be a good promotion for Chess in School.

The teamchampionships were played on 3 boards.

Nice thing about Schoolchesschampionships is, to see players from different chessclubs, playing as a team together for their school. 


Section for the Primary Schools 

In this section 5-time champion "De Vrije School" was not able to make it 6 in a row. Without their starplayers like Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe, who passed their exams last years, "De Vrije School" have to build a new championshipteam.

New Primary Schoolchampion became "De Prinses Amalia" school, followed by the "De Vrije School" and "De Elizabeth" school. "De Prinses Amalia" school became champion with the youngsters Koen Vromant. Justin Chou and Belliot.

championsteam of the "Prinses Amalia" school





Section for the Secondary Schools

In this section the last year champion "Mulo Kerklaan" didn't participate. the "Shri Vishnu" muloschool had clearly the better (club) players like Vickey Ramdattewarie, Manish Ramjiawan and Davinie Kalloe. Without any doubt the "Shri Vishnu" Muloschool, became the new Secondary Schoolchampion. A very nice present for the school, who had just celebrated

 their 50th year existance. The 2nd place was for the "Dennert" muloschool and the 3rd place for the "Anton Leeuwin" muloschool.

In this section there were 3 school from the outercity, namely "Anton Leeuwin" from Lelydorp and "Koewarasan" from Koewarasan, both schools from district Wanica and the "Hubertus Waaldijk" from Moengo, district Marowijne.


 The champion "Shri Vishnu" school (left) in action against the "Dennert" school


Section for the Highschools

The "Natin" who became 2 time champion in a row, had to do it without their starplayer Romario Sanches. Romario was in Aruba to play a tournament there.

"Miranda Lyceum", who ended 2 time in row, behind the Natin, didn't made a fault this time, and won all their matches. The "Atheneum" became 2nd, and the 2nd team of "Natin", surprisingly became 3rd, after beating the 1st team of "Natin".

The championship team of "Miranda Lyceum" had played in their team the experienced players

Geryen dos Ramos and the brothers Sukul.


                The championstrophee         The championsteam from the "Miranda Lyceum


2 nov 2010                 IM Nestor Veleze Betancourt Open Rapidchampion 2010


  Friday 29 and 30 october, the Open Rapidchampionships of the Surinaamse Schaakbond were

played. In the Top division, the Cuban trainer IM Velez Betancourt grab the title, followed by

CM Suradj Hanoeman and the youngster Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe.


Im Betancourt    CM S. Hanoeman Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe 

 In The Sub-top division, Immanuel Kromosoeto came out on top.


Immanuel Kromosoeto


The tempo was 20 min per player. The next activity of the Surinaamse Schaakbond will be the

teamchampionsship for Schools, in the coming weekend.

27 oct 2010                       Clockincident gave Caissa a draw agaist HJP


  Sunday 24 october (11.00h) : 4th round in the Interclubcompetition


The 4th round match-up and the results in the Top Division were:


HJP 1 - Caissa  2 1/2 - 2 1/2

On board 1 Franklin Mungroo meets National Champion CM Roger Matoewi. In a even match, both players agreed to a draw. On board 2 Ricardo dos Ramos (HJP) was playing with the black pieces against Auke Treu.  Ricardo dos Ramos had a very good position with a centre passpawn up, but was getting in time trouble. At 1m38s Ricardo made his 28th move (still 12 moves left), pressed his clock, and focusing on the position. Looking back at his clock, Ricardo noticed that his clock had run down to 0:00, while his opponent was still thinking about his move. Despite the clock was pressed, the time hadn't stop. A unsuccesful claim was made based on malfunction of the clock and to reset the clock. The game was declared loss for HJP. The arbiter never examined the clock. An unexpected loss for HJP.

On board 3 Satish Lautan built up a superior position against Alfred Ford. An unnecessary rook sacrifice, turn around the tables, and Satish Lautan escapes with a draw. On board 4 Wim Veer couldn't get through the defence of Michael Blaaspijp, and they agreed to a draw. After the unexpected loss on board 2 it was up to Gavin Ooft, to soften the damage for HJP. Gavin was in a must-win situation, but had a very difficult position against Carlos dos Ramos. Gavin managed to exchange pieces, and transform this position to a rook, knight, bishop against a queen.Gavins pieces were too much for his opponents queen, and slowly but certain he finally won this game, and HJP - Caissa, ended in a draw.


Moengo - HJP 2 : 1 1/2 - 3 1/2

In this match-up Moengo came in full strenght. This game was important from the perspective of avoiding degradation. On board 1 Joel Frijde played aganist Jerry Pawiro (Moengo). In a close position game, Joel made a sacrifice trying to force a break through. But this doesn't worked and Jerry Pawiro scored the only victory for Moengo. On board 2, 3, and 4 Alex Kafiluddin, Geryen dos Ramos and Rosangela dos Ramos were too much for resp. Regillio Karyodrono, Saief Alimoestar and Barron. On board 5 WCM Reyna Frijde drew against Roche Karyodrono (Moengo). Roche Karyodrono is doing very well for team Moengo.

 Part of the Olympiad womenteam, playing in the HJP 2 team


Rukhmania - CSV :  3 - 2

On board 1 we have a match from the old-days. FM Dewperkash Gajadin in his first appearance as board 1player of Rukhmania against Etienne Koenders, who's making his come back.

Etienne Koenders shows that he stil got it, and in a thrilling match, he missed his opportunity to win this game. Dewperkash Gajadin profit from the missed opportunity, and he went on winning this game. Frank Lo Kim Lin and Romario and Sanches scored the 2 points for CSV. 


The standing in the Top Division, after 4 rounds:


                    Matches     Comp.points     Board points

1. HJP 1             4                    7                 15

2. Rukhmania      4                    6                 12.5

3. CSV               4                    5                  11.5

4. Caissa            4                    3                 10.5

5. HJP 2             4                    3                   8.5

6. Moengo          4                    0                   3.5   


In the First division (Eerste klasse) is Rukhmania B1 the leader.


The next round will be on friday 12 november 2010.

27 oct 2010                                        HJP 2 holds CSV 1 to a draw


 Saturday 23 october

Today the 3rd round was played in the Interclubcompetition.


The match-ups and results in the Top Division were:


HJP 1 - Moengo :  5 - 0

Moengo shows up with 2 players in the Top Division. Both players loose their games on board 3 and board 4, and HJP got an easy 5 - 0 victory.


CSV - HJP 2 :  2 1/2 - 2 1/2

On board 1 Joel Frijde had from the start the better position against Avikaar Malgie, and finally he capitalize his position in an important win.


 On board 5 his sister WCM Reyna Frijde was playing a womenclassico against Wasudha Malgie.

 Wasudha sacrifice a piece too early, and never get this piece back. Second win for HJP 2. On board 2 Geryen couldn't get through the defence of the very experienced Frank Lo Kim Lin, and Frank succesfully took over the attack, scoring a point for CSV. On board 4 it looks like WCM Tesora Ooft would score the winning point, but an inaccurate move, gave Richie Maskam, the opportunity to an perpetual check, a very important draw for CSV.  On board 3 National Youthchampion Romario Sanches, had a very long match against Rosangela dos Ramos. With a rook for a knight Rosangela had the advantage. A blunder under time pressure and  oversaw  a double attack, and suddenly she was a bishop down for 2 pawns. The endgame was very long and not easy, because the pawn structure of Rosangela was well placed. Rosangela was fighting for a draw, while Romario was in a must-win situation.


At the end Romario find the right plan, and forced Rosangela in a zugzwang.


Caissa - Rukhmania  1 1/2 - 3 1/2

On board 1, 2 members of the Olympiadteam meets each other. National champion CM Roger Matoewi played against CM Suradj Hanoeman. Roger started the game very good, and it seems the game will be over very quick, but Suradj survives the pressure, and slowly took over the game.  His pawn up, was not sufficient for a win, due to bishops of opposite colors.

On board 2 Viresh Giasi (Rukhm) was chasing the king of Alfred Ford all over the board before checkmating his opponent. On board 3 Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe (Rukhm) was giving Michael Blaaspijp a very difficult time. First defending very well, and than suddenly all Calvin pieces flooded the kingsside of Michael Blaaspijp, forcing Michael to resign. On board 4 Carlos dos Ramos got once again a member of the Olympaid womenteam before him, Ekaterina Naipal.

In an old-fashioned kingsattack, Ekaterina couldn't hold her defences, and Carlos scores the only win for Caissa. On baord 5 it was a youth encounter. Carlos dos Ramos jr (Caissa) couldn't prevent Piere Chang from winning. 


27 oct 2010                                      HJP victorious over Rukhmania


  Friday 22 october.

the Interclubcompetition was scheduled for 18.00h, but finally started at 18.45h. We hope that this will be not the trend for the rest of the competition.

In the Top Division the match-ups and results in round 2 were:

Rukhmania - HJP 1 : 2 - 3

This was a very important match. Interclubchampion Rukhmania against their biggest rivals HJP. With 2 wins and 2 draws HJP 1 got a very important victory over Rukhmania. On board 2 Ricardo dos Ramos got a victory over Viresh Giasi, and on board 5 Gavin Ooft was the better player against Prakash Algu. On board 1 Franklin Mungroo drew against CM Suradj Hanoeman and also a draw in the game on board 4 Wim Veer against Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe. On board 3 John Ramdattewarie got the only victory for Rukhamnia, against Satish Lautan.


HJP 2 - Caissa  1/2 - 4 1/2

The young team of HJP 2 took on the experienced team of Caissa, with National champion Roger Matoewi on board 1. Looking at the position in the games, it looks for a long time we were heading for a surprise. Roger Matoewi was playing a lost game against Joel Frijde. A desperate draw offer was refused by Joel Frijde. But some weak moves in the endgame, saved Roger Matoewi, and he managed to win this game as yet. On board 3 Alfred Ford was playing with his back against the wall, against Rosangela dos Ramos. Rosangela didn't choose all the right moves to win this game, and after a long match Alfred Ford survived this game with a draw. On board 5 WCM Reyna Frijde took on Carlos dos Ramos. Reyna had the better position and Carlos dos Ramos was in time trouble. Still he managed to trick Reyna king in a trap, so he could execute a deadly combination. mate or queen loss. On board 2 Auke Treu got a win over Alexander Kafiluddin and on board 4 Michael Blaaspijp won his game against WCM Tesora Ooft. Looking at the final result, it looks like Caissa got a easy win, but it was a very hard fought victory.


Moengo - CSV 1 - 4

CSV got good -old Etienne Koenders on board 1. It is nice to see this former top chess player

making his come back in the "new" chessworld. Unfortunately their was no player on board 1 for Moengo. Moengo plays CSV on board 2 till board 5. It was once again Roche Karyodrono from Moengo to save honours, and surprisingly get a win over the favourite Richie Maskam.


18 oct 2010              Ricardo dos Ramos and Dewperkash Gajadin Fide Arbiters


FM/FA/NI Dewperkash Gajadin


 FA/NI  Ricardo dos Ramos


CM/NI Suradj Hanoeman 

NI Franklin Mungroo


  On the website of the Fide a list of people who participated in the arbitersseminar in Khanty Mansiysk and also succeeded in the arbitersexam was published today.

On this list are also the names of Ricardo dos Ramos and Dewperkash Gajadin, both earning the title of Fide Arbiter (FA). In total 30 people of 18 federations participated in the Arbitersseminar, 25 of them participated in the arbitersexam, and 12 succeeded in the test. Suriname got now an international arbitercorps of 4 persons:

IA Aubrey Kappel, FA Auke Treu, FA Ricardo dos Ramos and FA Dewperkash Gajadin.

The lecturer of this arbitersseminar was IA Dirk de Ridder (BEL), secretary of the FIDE arbiterscommission and assistant lecturer was

 IA Werner Stubenvoll (AUT), counsilor of the FIDE arbiterscommission.


Trainersseminar, National Instructors trainerstitles awarded

During the chessolympiad in Khanty Mansiysk there was also a trainersseminar, were Dewperkash Gajadin, Ricardo dos Ramos, Suradj Hanoeman and Franklin Mungroo participated. All 4 were awarded with the Fide trainerstitle National Instructor (NI). Fide have 5 levels of trainerstitles: Fide Senior Trainer (FST), Fide Trainer (FT), Fide Instructor (FI), National Instructor (NI) and Development Instructor (DI).

During this trainersseminar the toptrainers GM Adrian Mikhalchisin (SLOV), GM Uwe Boensch (GER), GM Michael Khodarkovsky (USA) and

GM Efstratios Grivas (GRE), were the lecturers.

18 oct 2010                              Interclubcompetition 2010 Round 1


 Sunday 17 october 2010 the Interclubcompetition starts in the venue of the "Vereniging van Medici, after an openingspeech of the SSB president Carlos dos Ramos. who was glad to see districtteam Moengo back in the Top division, and a combined team from the district chesschools Koewarasan and Domburg in the first division (Eerste klasse).

Reigning champion in the Top division is team RUKHMANIA. In the First division (Eerste klasse)

the reigning champs are the womenteam from Het Jonge Paard (HJP), but these girls are playing

now in HJP A2 in the Top division.

In the Top divison the match-ups were :


 HJP A1 - HJP A2  4 1/2 - 1/2

Olympiad womenteammmember Rosangela dos Ramos (HJP A2) played a very good game against Olympiad open section teammmember Wim Veer (HJP A1), and in a 4 1/2 hour game, Wim Veer had to open alle registers to hold on to a draw.


Roche Karyodrono (MOENGO) surprised 9-year talent Pierre Chang (RUKM) and scored the only victory for MOENGO.

CAISSA - CSV 2 - 3

 Ritchie Maskam (CSV) bring home the victory for CSV, after an important win against the experienced Carlos dos Ramos (CAISSA). In a dramatic game where Carlos dos Ramos played his 40th move but went 0.00 on his clock before het could complete his move.

The 1st round match-ups in the First Division (Eerste klasse) were:


CAISSA B1 - RUKHM B1   1 1/2 - 5 1/2

Carlos dos Ramos jr (CAISSA) , got a surprise win over Vickey Ramdat Tewarie (RUKM) on

board 1

HJP B1 - HJP B2 4 - 1

Daniel dos Ramos (HJP B2) spoiled a clean sweep for HJP B1. On board 5 and 6 : 0 - 0


Kinu Calvik from Domburg/Koewarasan saves the honour for his team.

CSV B1 - CSV B2  3 1/2 - 3 1/2

CSV B3 bye


For every win a team get 2 competitionpoints. In the Top division the teams will play a double round-robin and in the First division the teams will play a single round-robin.


The next round is on friday 22 october 18.00h, Vereniging van Medici.

The topmatch in the Top divison will be the classico between RUKHMANIA and HJP A1.


13 oct 2010                            Interclubcompetition startdate move to 17 oct 2010

At the teach-in of the SSB, yesterdaynight, the decision was made to move  the startdate of the Interclubcompetition to sunday 17 october. The playing venue will be the "Vereniging van Medici".

In the Top section there will be 6 teams: 2 teams from HJP, 1 team from Rukhmania, 1 team from CSV, 1 team from Caissa and 1 team from Moengo. In the Topsection the playingsystem will be a double-round round-robin. In the First division (Eerste klasse) 9 teams will participate, including a combined team from the chessschools Domburg and Koewarasan. In the First division the playing system will be an one round round-robin. 

12 oct 2010                               Interclubcompetition will start on 15 oct 2010

    In the past weekend the olympiad delegation just returns safely from Khanty Mansisysk/Netherlands, and immediately there will be chess action. The national Interclubcompetition for teams will start in the weekend of 15 october. Earlier the division for the younger players (Aspirants)  of this Interclubcompetition was held, where team CSV became champion of this section. Coming weekend it is the turn of the stronger and better chessplayers to show their moves in the Top division (Top klasse)  and the First division (Eerste klasse). The reigning Interclubchampion in the Top section is Rukhmania. Their biggest rival is "Het Jonge Paard" who will play with 2 teams in the Top section. In one of the teams of "Het Jonge Paard" in the Top section 3 girls of the women olympiadteam will play, WCM Tesora Ooft, Rosangela dos Ramos and Reyna Frijde. Tonight (19.00h) there willl be a teach-in in the venue of the Vereniging of Medici.

3 oct 2010                                            Dew Gajadin earn Fide Master title


  Yesterday (2 oct) was a free day for the players. But for the delegates it was the last day of the 81 Fide Congress. Main item on the agenda was the bid between Norway and Bulgaria for the hosting of the Chess Olympiad 2014. After a presentation of both countries, the delegates votes, and Norway will be the host of the Chess Olympaid 2014.

Today, at 11.00h am the 11th and also last round were played. In the Open section Suriname plays against the strong team of Nepal. It was dejavu, because in the Olympiad 2008 in Dresden, Suriname also played against Nepal in the last round and we lost 4-0.

 This time it looks for a long time the final score would be 2-2.Matoewi lose his game on board 1 rather quickly, but then Gajadin got a nice victory on board 2. This victory was very important to Gajadin and Suriname,because this win means that we have our first male Fide Master in Suriname. 

 On board 3 and 4 Mungroo and Hanoeman games looks like draws, but they lost due to inaccurate play.The final result 3 -1. This means that in Open Section we ends with 7 competionpoints and 16 boardpoints. On the finalranking at position 132.


FM Dewperkash Gajadin 


In the womensection, we play against Lybia, who played with only 3 players. In the Olympiad of 2008 in Dresden, we played 2-2 against Lybia. This time it was another story, Victoria got a free point on board 1. Ekaterina en Reyna ensures the victory of Suriname over Lybia.

 With her win Reyna earns her Woman Candidate Mastertitle (WCM).

The waiting was for Rosangela against the Lybian woman to have a sweep. It was a hard and long game. because the Lybian woman had a chance to earn a title if she win this game. But in the end Rosangela was the better player, and Suriname got their sweep. 4-0.

This means that Suriname ends in the womensection with 8 points and 18 boardpoints. On the rankinglist we ends on position 96.

At 20.00h we had the closing ceremony. The winners in the open section are 1. Ukraine, 2. Russia and 3 Israel. In the womensection the winners are 1. Russia 2. China and 3. Georgie

In the categorie E womensection, the Jamaican team became 1st and the Barbadian womenteam 5th. Suriname was positioned in Category D. After the Closing ceremony, there was a reception, where we could exchange  the last greetings with our chessfriends from other countries. 

1 oct 2010                                      10th round: not so good for Suriname


  In the 10th round, Suriname lost in both sections. In the open section we lost from Malta with

3 1/2 - 1/2., and in the womensection we lost from Puerto Rico with 2 1/2 - 11/2.

In the menteam Roger Matoewi play a draw on board1 against the IM from Malta. Gajadin, Mungroo and Veer lost on the othe boards, In the womenteam Reyna Frijde won her game in a very good attacking way, and Ekaterina plays a draw on board 2. Victoria and Tesora lost their games on board 1 and board 3. Gajadin and Reyna still have a chance to get their FM title resp  WCM title if they win their games in the 11th (last) round.

Tomorrow is a free day for the captain and players, and the 11 th round will play sunday 3 october on 11.00h am (KM time). In the 11 th round, in the open section,  we were unlucky because our opponent is the very strong team of Nepal. In the womensection we will play against Lybia.

In the morning I participated in the Fide Congress, and tommorow will be the last day of the 81th Fide Congress. Tommorow there will be the voting of the bid for the Olympiad 2014. The candidates for hosting the Olympaid 2014 are Norway and Bulgaria.

Today the first snowflakes starting to come down. The weather is very cold now.

30 sep 2010                                    Suriname - Honduras   2 - 2


  In the open section Suriname plays in 9th round 2 - 2 against Honduras.

Hanoeman who plays a very good tournament, was the first to win. The FM from Honduras, walks in a very well prepared opening of Hanoeman.

Veer and Gajadin plays a draw in their games. Gajadin was playing an IM.

Matoewi lost his game on board 1. Gajadin is still on track to get a FM title. He needs one point out of his 2  remaining games.

In the womensection Suriname lost with 3 1/2 - 1/2 from United Arab Emirates.  Victoria plays a draw on baord 1 against a WIM. On board 2 ,3 and 4 Ekaterina, Rosangela and Ryena lost their games. After analysing the games on board 3 and 4, it shows that these games were lost unnneccesary.

Today Gajadin and me, made our arbitersexam, 30 open questions in 2 1/2 hours. You have to score 80% to pass the exam. We will wait and see what the result is.

In the 10th round Suriname will play in the Open section against Malta and in the womensection we will play against Puerto Rico.



29 sep 2010            Suriname wins and Kirsan reelect as Fide President


  In the 8th round both Surinamese teams won their matches.

In the open section Suriname won against San Marino with 3-1.

Gajadin, Mungroo and Hanoeman won their games. On board 4 Veer oversees a little combination of his opponent in the opening which resulted later in a loss.

Suradj Hanoeman have already got the norm to become Candidate Master (CM)

In the womensection Ethiopia was the victim of our Surinamese womenteam. 4-0. Victories for Ekaterina, Tesora, Rosangela and Reyna. Ekaterina also will got her WCM title.

 Today was electionday in the Fide Congress. In a very chaotic congress the election was held. The Fide president Kirsan Llumzhinov got the victory over Anatoly Karpov with 95 against 65 votes. Continental president for the Americas Jorge Vegas was also reelected.

Immediately after the results of the elections Kirsan offers Anatoly Karpov to become vice-president of the FIDE on the new board of the FIDE.

28 sep 2010                                         Bad 7th round for Suriname

The 7th round was not a good round for Suriname, The ladies lost with 4-0 from Venezuela, despite hard fights of Victoria, Tesora, Rosangela and Reyna. In the Caribbean derby between Suriname - Barbados , Suriname lost 3 -1. Matoewi and Veer play draws on board 1 and board 4, and Mungroo and Hanoeman lost on board 2 and board 3.

In the afternoon I attend the Continental meetings for America's. The meeting is dominated by apanish speaking countries, and a tournamentcalendar for 2010 and 2011 was presented. A new tournament was proposed and accepted: teamchampionships for the Caribbean countries in the non-olympiadyear.

27 sep 2010                          Surinamese men gets a 2 1/2 - 1 1/2 victory over Macau

Yesterday, 26 sep, was a free day, except for the one who were attending the trainersseminar.

Today , early in the morning the last session for the arbitercourse was given. On 30 september there will be an arbitersexam. In the afternoon we got round 6, where the men had a match against Macau and our womenteam played against Sweden. Our men team won their match from Macau, with 2 1/2 - 1 1/2.

For Suriname, Gajadin and Hanoeman were victorious. Matoewi draws on board 1 , and Mungroo lost his game on board 3, after a severe miscalculation in exhanging pieces, which cost him a pawn, and later on the game. It was a tough night for our womenteam. Despite fighting hard, Victoria, Ekaterina, Tesora and Rosangela couldn't prevent a 4-0 loss against the strong team of Sweden.

In the 7th round our womenteam will meet another very strong opponent in team Venezuela.

And in the Open secion we will get a exciting Caribbean match-up Suriname-Barbados. The last time these teams met was in 2004, in the Chessolympiad of Mallorca. Suriname won that game, to everybody surpirse. 

25 sep 2010                                Surinamese womenteam win 3 1/2 - 1/2 over Panama


               Suriname - Luxemburg 1 - 3



           Suriname - Panama 3 1/2 - 1/2


 In round 5 our womenteam was clearly better than Panama, and good play on all boards resulted in a 3 1/2 - 1/2 victory. Victoria, Tesora and Reyna got a win and Ekaterina plays a draw on board 2.

This is our 2nd victory, and after 5th round our ranking is nr 80. Up till now I'm very impressed of the playinglevel of our ladies, and indeed we came a long way if we compare this level to the playinglevel of Olympiad 2006. When we are analyzing the games, the girls knows exactly why they play the moves, and what the threats and possibilities are in their games. In the Open section our team loss with 3 -1 from Luxemburg. Upfront we know that Luxemburg would be a tough and strong opponent, with a 2400+ IM on board 1. The victory of Gajadin over his 2260 rated opponent was a very beautiful one, where Gajadin shows his good technical chessskills.  Matoewi, Mungroo and Veer couldn't prevent losses on their boards. Tomorrow is our free day, but not for the persons who are attending the trainersseminar. Tomorrow is the last day of the course and it starts at 9.00h and will end at 13.00h. In the afternoon we have planned an excursion with the group.

 In round 6 we have in the open section the match:

Macau - Suriname, and

in the women section: Sweden - Suriname.

Sweden is a very strong opponent and its worth mentioning that Suriname and Holland will play in the same playingsection. The Holland ladies have also 4 points. 

24 sep 2010                                                              Round 4 not a good round





  Round 4 was not a good round. In the women section our team had a possible win in their pocket, but a miscalculation of Victoria in her game, and 2 losses instead of 2 draws on Tesora and Rosangela boards, gave us a score of 31/2 - 1/2 loss against Kyrgysztan.

In the open section our men team didn't played their best games, and Suradj Hanoeman prevent a 0 loss, and fight for a draw.  Uganda 3 1/2 - Suriname 1/2

Today also the trainers seminar started, with lessons from GM Mikal, once one of the trainers of Karpov. Together with Gajadin and Hanoeman we attend these course. The participant are mostly of African countries.

At the daily evaluation the team is despite a bad round 4 still motivated, and ready for the following rounds. A birthday song in honour of Mungroo 41 birthday was sang. It's not every day you can celebrate youre birthday in Siberie, Russia.

Round 5 Open Section : Luxemburg-Suriname and Women section Suriname-Panama.

Luxemburg is a very strong opponent.


23 sep 2010                                                    Surinamese men beat Papua with 3 - 1

               breakfast in the hotel 



  With 2 wins and 2 draws our male team secured their first 2 competitionpoints, and booked a nice victory of 3 - 1 against Papua. This was the 5th time these countries meet each other in a chess olympiad.

Roger Matoewi wins his game after good positional play, and a positional sacrifice of his opponent that doesn' t work. Suradj Hanoeman got his first Olympiad point with good attacking play.Dew Gajadin and Wim Veer made the 3 boardpoints complete with draws on their boards.

Final results : Suriname 3 - Papua 1

Our ladies have a difficult night against the very attacking minded Paraguayan women. On board 2 Ekaterina Naipal turn around the attack on her and after manouevres with her knight she won the bishop of her opponent. Ekatarina 2nd point in a row.

On board 4 Rosangela dos Ramos came under a great attacking pressure resulting in a pawn loss. In a very difficult endgame Rosangela could escape with a draw.

Final result: Paraguay 2 1/2 - Suriname 1 1/2

Today was day 2 for the arbitercourse. At 8.30 I already left the hotel to attend the arbiterseminar. To mine surprise I noticed that the trainersseminar, started today instead of 24 september.

Tomorrow I shall attend the trainersseminar, together with Dew Gajadin, Suradj Hanoeman and Franklin Mungroo.


Open section round 4: Suriname - Uganda

Women section rnd 4 : Suriname - Kyrgyzstan


22 sep 2010                                                  Surinamese ladies victorious over Wales




  Today the Surinamese womenteam earn their first 2 competitionpoints after their win over Wales. A very good result, considering that Wales was positioned nr 70, and Suriname nr 91 at the starting list. Ekaterina Naipal and WCM Tesora Ooft won their games, and WFM Victoria Naipal draws on board 1. The opponents of Victoria and Ekaterina Naipal were WFM's.

Reyna Frijde had a winning position, but in time trouble she gave away her winning position. The final result 2 1/2 - 1 1/2 for Suriname.

In the open section the Surinamese men met Guatemala.

CM Roger Matoewi was the only one to earn a draw against an IM. Suradj Hanoeman had a very good position but miscalculated a sacrifice of his knight. The final result 1/2 - 3 1/2.


Today the arbiterseminar also started. Dewperkash Gajadin and I attended this seminar, which will last 5 days, and will be finished with an exam. An FA title can be earn.


In the 3rd round  the Surinamese men will meet Papua and our womenteam will meet Paraguay.

For the 3rd round Franklin Mungroo and WCM Tesora Ooft will rest. 

21 sep 2010                                          Gajadin stuns Swedish grandmaster in round 1


  Round 1:  Sweden - Suriname  (Open section):  3 - 1

          brd 1 :      GM Agrest - CM Matoewi  1 - 0

          brd 2 :      GM Hillarp Pers - CM Gajadin  0 - 1

          brd 3 :      GM Cicak - Mungroo 1 - 0

          brd 4 :      GM Grandelius - Hanoeman  1 - 0


   Round 1 : Austria - Suriname (women)  4 - 0

         brd 1 :       WGM Moser - WFM V. Naipal    1 - 0

         brd 2 :       WIM Kopinits - E Naipal      1 - 0

         brd 3 :       WFM Novkovic - WCM T Ooft 1 - 0

         brd 4 :       WFM Newrkla - dos Ramos   1 -0


The big news is that Dewperkash Gajadin got a historic win over a 2600+ Grandmaster. All the games were very tough, and Suriname have made a standpoint that opponents have to play to their best to win. The last game played on Surinamese side was the game of Rosangela dos Ramos. This game lasted 4 hours and 45 minutes before the Austrian WFM could walk away with a win. Its now 23.30 KM time, and the pairing for round 2 is : Open section : Guatemala - Suriname

Women section : Suriname -Wales

21 sep 2010                                                    Chess Olympiad 2010 :Today Round 1


  After a splendid and impressive openingsceremony,

the chess olympiad 2010 was officially declared open by Fide President Kirsan Llumzhinov.

Now the games can begins.

In the first round we have the following pairing:

 In the open section:  Suriname - Sweden

and in the womensection : Austria - Suriname. 


Until this moment (10.45h, KM time), we are still waiting for the indivual pairings.

20 september 2010                           Chess Olympiad team arrived in Khanty Mansiysk

 At the moment the Surinaamse Schaakbond were celebrating the 55th existance of the SSB on 19 sept with a reception, the Surinamese delegation arrived with an Luxair 737 charterflight in Khanty Mansiysk. There is a time difference of 9 hours between Suriname and Khanty Mansiysk, so the time in Khanty Mansiysk was monday 20 sept 02.30 early in the morning.

To get there the Surinamese delegation had to take first a flight to Frankfurt, from Frankfurt to Munchen and after a wait of 5 hours on the Munchen airport, the journey continued with a Luxair charter to Khanty Mansiysk (Siberia-Russia). It was a 4 1/2 hour flight, with only chessplayers from a lot of countries.

The immigration on the airport was very strict, but the organisation did a good job to handle all formalities for accreditation very smooth. The hotel were we are staying is very big (850 rooms) and its just build this year. At this moment the Surinamese taem is still resting a little bit, and there are still teams coming in. Its now 13.45h afternoon in Khanty Mansiysk. Lunchtime is already started in the hotel.




The chessdelegation on on Schiphol.




 The delegation on Schiphol, ready to travel to Frankfurt, on Sunday 19 sep, 07.00 in the morning. Iwan Bonoo (webadminstrator SSB) visit the team on Schiphol. 


We met mr.Jharap, ex CEO Staatsolie, and his wife on Schiphol. He had some encouraging words for our team. On the photo Roger Matoewi, our national champion with Mr. Jharap.

Staatsolie is also contributed to made the participation to the Chess Olympiad 2010 possible.


16 sep 2010                      Again changes in schedule charterflights to Khanty Mansisyk

    When we thought that everything is ok after taking care of the traject Amsterdam-Munchen, we were unpleasant surprised by a mail from the Organization Commitee (OC) of Khanty Mansiysk, telling us that the schedule of the charterflights to Khanty Mansiysk had changed (for the 3rd time).Learning from the 2 previous changes we waited till the last acceptable moment (6 days before departing) to book and purchase our tickets. This mail of schedule changes on such a short notice was reason for protests from a lot of federation, included from the Surinaamse Schaakbond. The big change and consequence for the Surinamese delegation is, that the returndate from Khanty Mansiysk had changed from 4 oct to 5 oct. This means that we stay one day longer in Khanty Mansiysk and that we have to change the returndate on our tickets, which means paying extra money. We are waiting official reaction from the OC and the FIDE.

13 sep 2010                                                      Traject Amsterdam - Munchen booked


 The weather in Almere is very good, and the 10-minute walk to Almere centrum is very enjoyable. Today, a meeting with Harold Tjoe-Ny was on the program. Searching for a travel agency, we came across a travel agency with the sign of Suriname Airways, "Almere Reizen". Looking for the best route to Munchen, was not easy. The ticket tariffs were much more expensive than a week ago. At the end we booked a flight with Lufthansa.



The flightschedule for the Surinamese Chessdelegation is as


sunday 19 sep : Amsterdam  -Frankfurt  9.45  10.55

                        Frankfurt - Munchen    11.55  12.50

 Mon 4 oct :      Munchen - Amsterdam  17.00  18.30


On 19 sep the charter from Munchen to Khanty Mansiysk is schedule to leave at 16.25h.



11 sep 2010                                             Chess Olympiad team arrives in Holland


 Relieved to finally board the SLM plane



The chessdelegation posing on schiphol, joined by WFM Victoria Naipal



 part of the chessdelegation is staying with a good chessfriend Iwan Amoilafoe, who also was a member of the Chess Olympiadteam in 2000, Istanbul, Turkey.

  13.00u Sur time/18.00uHolland time : Almere

Exactly 22.00h the plane of Suriname Airways took off with on board: the male chessplayers CM Roger Matoewi, Franklin Mungroo, Suradj Hanoeman and Willem Veer (accompanied by his wife), the female chessplayers Ekaterina Naipal, WCM Tesora Ooft, Rosangela dos Ramos and Reyna Frijde (accompanied by her mother Irene Frijde), Harold Tjoe Ny (teamcaptain male team),Marijette Djojowiardjo (teamcaptain female team) and Ricardo dos Ramos (FIDE delegate). Before we got on the plane, everything was scanned. Strange enough the only persons who had to take off their shoes were Marijette Djojowiardjo and me. Our shoes had to pass the scanner, and walking on socks we passed the body scanner. Nothing against rules regarding our own safety on the plane, we did this with a smile and with humor. After that the immigationcrew wished us good luck on our games.

On the plane, players and officials were very relaxed, and used the long hours to eat, talk, play games and of course sleep.Everybody was relieved when finally the plane touches the ground of Schiphol, after a long tiresome 8 1/2 hours flight.

From the SLM crew the players also got good luck wishes. The white Suriname sportjackets, sponsored by SOLVE IT, presents the delegation as a team, and a lot of people shows interest and wanting to know who we are. The 100% control with the "drugs dogs" was passed without problems and after retrieving our luggages, the chessdelegation was welcomed by family and friends of the groups.

WFM Victoria Naipal Bsc. and Prof S. Naipal (father) was also there to welcome Ekaterina and the chessgroup. It was also nice to see Wim Veer jr, again, who was waiting for his father (Wim Veer) and mother. 

Wim Veer jr, was in his youth years a very strong player and National champion of Suriname. The Veers are the only family where father and son became national champions of Suriname.

 After posing together for pictures and making some appointments with each other, the group split up and left with their families.

The group Ricardo and Rosangela dos Ramos, Marijette Djojowiardjo and Franklin Mungroo were the last group to leave Schiphol, via the train to Lelystad. In Almere our host and good chessfriend  Iwan Amoilafoe (Alfais) picked us up and after so many hours of travelling we finally reach our "home" in Holland. Tomorrow Harold Tjoe Ny and I will make arrangements for the next step: travelling from Holland to Munchen on the 19th september, to get our charterflight to Khanty Mansiysk. 

10 sep 2010                                            Chess Olympiad team ready to depart


  20.30u : At this moment the Chess Olympiad team is waiting patiently in the exit hall of the Johan Adolf Pengel airport. The scheduled time for Surinam Airways to take off is 22.00u. The Chessteam is dressed is white Suriname jackets sponsored by Solve-It.

The team is highly motivated, and everybody is in a good mood.

The people in the hall are very supportive, and we even get a free bucket of chinese fruits form a fruitshop.

Victoria Naipal is already in Holland (for study) , and Dewperkash Gajadin will depart on sunday 12 sep.

From this spot we thank everybody who contribute in any way to make this trip to Khanty Mansiysk possible.


2 sep 2010                                                    Wasudha Malgie graduated

    Wasudha Malgie, the chairman of Chessclub CSV and one of our top female chessplayers, graduated from the faculty of Public Administration form the ADEK University of Suriname, and had been awarded her BSC. degree certificate. I congratulate Wasudha and her family with this important moment in her life, and wish her the very best in her further study and career.

 1 sept 2010                                       NYC 2010 : Threepeat for Romario Sanches


     Romario Sanches (6-7)

National Youthchampion        

2008/2009 and 2010


   Viresh Giassi (51/2-7)

   2nd place NYC 2010 

  Pierre Chang (5 1/2-7)

   3rd place NYC 2010


    Gavin Ooft (5-7)

   4th place NYC 2010


Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe (5-7)

    5th place NYC 2010 


   Joel Frijde (5-7)

  6th place NYC 2010

  The very last game in round 7, Romario position is much better, but Gavin Ooft is defending well, only minutes on the clock, a lot of people around the board of these 2 players, both players looking very calm and relax, but you can feel the tension of the 2 players. In the meantime 9-year Pierre Chang finished his outstanding run in this U-20 section with a win over Ekaterina Naipal. Viresh Giassi escapes from a bad position and find a way to win against Joel Frijde. Pierre Chang and Viresh Giassi are waiting for possible barrages depending of the outcome of the match Romario Sanches-Gavin Ooft. Suddenly the game is all over, Gavin made a decisive mistake under pressure of the postion and time, a double attack of Romario's queen and the 3rd National Youthtitle in a row is a fact.

An amazing comeback for Romario Sanches, after a big upset loss in the 1st round, against Pierre Chang. After his 1st round defeat, he works his way back to the top and especially his 2 last wins (round 6&7) against Viresh Giassi and Gavin Ooft, 2 difficult to beat opponents, was top-class.

Romario shows with this victory, once again, his mental toughness and strong will to win, and these qualities makes him the top Caribbean Youthplayer he become. After tie-break (sum of progressive score), Viresh Giassi claims the 2nd place and Pierre Chang the 3rd place. This is the first time in the NYC history that a

9 year had such a big impact in the U-20 section. In presence of the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs mr. Paul Abena, the award ceremony took place. Besides the prices, also chesscertificates were awarded. Romario Sanches was awarded a special price for his outstanding performance in the UMADA CUP (U-2100) in Trinidad. Romario was listed nr.14 at the start of the tournament, but with a score of 8-9 Romario become the 1st UMADA champion (u-2100).

The Surinaamse Schaakbond expressed special words of gratitude to ASSURIA, the sponsor of the NYC 2010 and to H.J. de Vries for their special treat of festivalcookies to all participants. 

The NYC 2010 was coordinated by the tournament director of the Surinaamse Schaakbond. Mrs. Mariette Djojowiardjo, and the head arbiter IA Arbiter Kappel.  



Ekaterina Naipal (4-7)

Best lady in the U-20 NYC 2010






                             Marijette Djojowiardjo   IA Aubrey Kappel

                             Tournament director    



31 august 2010                                             NYC 2010 : Decision Day

 The thrilling U-20 section of the NYC 2010 will come to an end today


 Pierre Chang vs Viresh   

 Giassi in round 5.

This game ends in a draw.

Will there a replay of this game in barrages??


  Romario Sanches was at his best against Viresh Giassi and with a piece sacrifice he takes over the lead with 5 points. Pierre Chang is the big surprise of this tournament, and the U-12 champion outplayed Avikaar Malgie. Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe, the U-16 champion, missed to choose the winning continuation on a few occasions , and while missing his chances his opponent Gavin Ooft took his chance to win this crucial game. Joel Frijde secured his "still in the race for the title" position  with a win against Geryen dos Ramos.

With only one round to go, Romario Sanches, made an amazing comeback after his 1st round defeat against Pierre Chang, and lead the field now with 5 points. He is follow very close by 4 players with 4 1/2 points: Viresh Giassi, Gavin Ooft, Pierre Chang and Joel Frijde.

The important match- ups this afternoon are Gavin Ooft versus Romario Sanches, Joel Frijde versus Viresh Giassi and Pierre Chang is playing against Ekaterina Naipal. The person with the best chance to win the title without barrages is Romario Sanches, but in order to achieve this he have to win against his very tough opponent Gavin Ooft. If Romario Sanches don't win this game, then it's more likely barrages will bring the final decision.

Will this thrilling action-pack tournament ends with a very big surprise?????   

30 august 2010                                  Who will be National Youthchampion 2010??



      Viresh Giassi 

the leader in the NYC 2010 with 4 1/2  points. Can he hold on to his lead? Last year he ended on the 3rd place.


     Romario Sanches

with 4 points looking for his threepeat. This is his last year participating in the NYC. 



 ASSURIA is the Sponsor of the NYC 2010



After 5 rounds and with still 2 rounds left, the battle for the National Youth title 2010 is still on.The leader is Viresh Giassi, with 4 1/2 point, but Romario Sanches is breathing heavily in his neck with 4 points. Both players had lose their points against the 9-year kid Pierre Chang. Following the leaders very close with 3 1/2 points is a group of 5 players (Gavin Ooft, Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe, Avikaar Malgie, Pierre Chang, Joel Frijde), and these players have still a chance of also winning the title.Round 6 will be very crucial, but round 7 will be decisive. In round 6 (today in the afternoon) Viresh Giassi will face Romario Sanches, a battle for the leadership.

Gavin Ooft will play against Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe, Avikaar Malgie will face the U-12 champion Pierre Chang and Joel Frijde opponent is Geryen dos Ramos (3 point). Personally I foresee that barrages will be necessary to decide who will be the National Youthchampion 2010.


The group of players with 3 1/2 point looking for a chance to win the National Youth title 2010. 


     Gavin Ooft                     Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe

ended in 2008 and            U-16 champion, ended last year in the   

2009 on the 2nd place       U-20 on the 4th place.



    Pierre Chang         Joel Frijde           Avikaar Malgie

 U-12 champion                               National Youth Champion 2007


26 august 2010                  U-20 section starts with a loss for Romario Sanches

  Romario Sanches

National Youth Champion 2008/2009

  The U-20 section of the National Youth Championships (NYC) 2010 started 24 august. 28 players were registrated, and the half of these players are from the lower agegroups. In the first round there was immediate a major upset. National youthchampion and winner of the UMADA (U-2100), Romario Sanches, did not defend his position well enough, against a dangerous king's attack of the U-12 champion Pierre Chang. This resulted in a queen's loss and loss of the game. Every other player has now been warned, for this 9-year U-12 champion. 

All other players on the toplist managed to win their games. This afternoon we will have the continuation of round 2. This tournament (7 rounds Swiss)  ends on tuesday 31 august.

25 aug 2010        Rosangela dos Ramos U-14 and Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe U-16 winners


 Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe

Champion U-16 NYC 2010


 Alexander Kafiluddin

2nd place U-16 NYC 2010


 Vickey Ramdat Tewarie

 3rd place U-16 NYC 2010



  Monday 23 august the 7th and last round played in the U-14 and U-16 section. Rosangela dos Ramos, the only lady in the U-14 section and member of the women olympiadteam, completed her 100% score (7-7). Carlos dos Ramos jr. claims the 2nd place after his wins against Zubair Wirodikomo. Both of them ended with 5-7, but based on the direct encounter tiebreak, Carlos dos Ramos jr took the 2nd spot and Zubair Wirodikromo ended on the 3rd place.


Rosangela dos Ramos  Carlos dos Ramos jr  Zubair Wirodikromo

 champion U-14 NYC 2010   2nd  place U-14 NYC 2010     3rd place U-14 NYC 2010


In the U-16 the leader Vickey Ramdat Tewarie was upset by Reyna Frijde, also a member of the women olympiadteam. The loss of Vickey Ramdat Tewarie opens unexpectedly the door very wide for Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe and Alexander Kafiluddin to capture as yet the U-16 title. As a very good blitzplayer Calvin had a clear advantage on Alex in the 10 minutes barrage games, and Calvin won both games. Vickey Ramdat Tewarie ended on the 3rd place.

Last year Calvin and Alex (13 years old) ended also 1st and 2nd in the U-14 section.

Calvin has won the championships in the U-10, U-12, U-14 and now U-16 in a row. The only title the 12 year old Calvin have yet to win is the U-20/ National Youthchampiontitle.



Reyna Frijde who upsets Vickey Ramdat Tewarie in the last round, becoming the best lady in the U-16 section.



 also check: www.surichess.com

23 aug 2010    Benaja Kromosoeto U-10 en Pierre Chang U-12 youthchampions 2010


 Pierre Chang

champion U-12 NYC 2010

 Koen Vromant

2nd place U-12  NYC 2010


  Jayant Giassi

3rd place U-12  NYC 2010

  Sunday 22 august de final 2 rounds were played in the U-10 and U-12 National Youthchampionships (NYC) 2010. In the U-10 it's was an thrilling finale between Ashwari Akloe and Benaja Kromosoeto. After both youngsters ended with a total of 8 points out of 9 games, barrages were necessary to decide the winner between them.

Benaja Kromosoeto had better control of his nerves, and by winning both barrage games, he became the new U-10 youthchampion.

Benaja ended last year on the 4th place, and this year he is the u-10 champion. Ashwari Akloe is an eye-catching young girl with faschionable hats and striking boots, with a lot of chesstalent. A name to remember in ladieschess for the coming years.

The 3rd place was for Rushil Bechan. A young chessplayers who's efforts finally pays off in reaching the top 3                                    



The top 3 in the U-10 NYC 2010:

Ashwari Akloe (2nd), Benaja Kromosoeto      (champion u-10), Rushil Bechan (3rd) 




In the U-12 section it was an one man(boy) show. 9-year old Pierre Chang outplayed every opponent with great ease, and with a 9-9 score he is absolute the best u-12 player. Koen Vromant became 2nd and Jayant Giassi occupied the 3rd spot. Remarkable is that last year Pierre Chang and Koen Vromant were also nr.1 and nr. 2 in the U-10 section. Today the final curtain will fall in the

U-14 and U-16 sections. In the U-14 section Rosangela dos Ramos, the only girl in the U-14 section,  is still in commanding lead with 6-6, and in the U-16 section Vickey Ramdat Tewarie is in the lead with 5-6. Vickey Ramdat Tewarie has won his game against the favourite Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe, and is now the favourite to win the U-16 title.


also check:  http://www.surichess.com/  

For more photos: www.picasaweb.google.com/calvinchess 


19 aug 2010                          Atishya Malgie en WFM Victoria Naipal graduated






 Atishya Malgie                                                                                WFM Victoria Naipal


Atishya Malgie and WFM Victoria Naipal (21 yr), 2 well-known female  chessplayers in Suriname graduated from the faculty of Technology Science of the ADEKUS university, and have been awarded their Bsc. degree certificate. Atishya Malgie is the younger sister of Wasudha Malgie, and also a good chessplayer. Atishya partipated in many Ladieschampionships.  WFM Victoria Naipal is 6 time national ladieschampion in Suriname,

the first Fide Master in Suriname and Sportwoman of the year 2007. Victoria is for the 3rd time board 1 player of the women chessolympiad team. Victoria will continue her study in Europe, and has already left Suriname. She will join the Olympiadteam, on their way to Rusland.

 I wish both chessladies all the best in their further study or career.

19 aug 2010                    Romario Sanches CHAMPION 1st UMADA CUP u-2100

 A few days after the Caribbean Chess Carnival in Trinidad, Romario Sanches once again took the plane to Trinidad, on behalf of the Surinaamse Schaakbond. 

This time to participate in the UMADA cup,               chesstournament for the region, promoted by Kirsan Llyumzhinov, president of the FIDE. At the same time Mr. Llyumzhinov held individual meetings in Trinidad, with representative of different federations, talking about the upcoming FIDE elections in september.



   Auke Treu was the representative of the Surinaamse Schaakbond. Meanwhile Romario Sanches focus was 100% on the tournament, and despite his late arrival in Trinidad on 14th august (7h am), he wons his first round started at 10h am..

The tournament finished 18 august (yesterday) and Romario ended as champion with a formidable score of 8 points of 9 games (7 wins and 2 draws), in a field of strong opponents. This 20 year young man is building quite a reputation for himself in the region. In 2008 en 2009 Romario became national youthchampion of Suriname. In 2009 he wins the U-20 section in the Caribbean Chess Carnival in Trinidad and in the Sagicor on Barbados he ended on a shared no 1 position, after tie break 2nd. Now in 2010 Romario wins the 1st Umada Cup U-2100 rating in Trinidad.

Our congratulations for this big success

18 aug 2010            Start of the ASSURIA National Youth Championships 2010

85 young chessplayers played yesterday their first round, all chasing their dreams to become the best chessplayer in their age group. The tournament started in "Ons Huis", where it was very warm, but in the coming days the chess action will move to the traditional chesssite, the venue of the "vereniging van Medici". This tournament will last from 17 august - 23 augustus (U-10,U-12, U-14 and U-16) and the U-20 will play from 24 august - 31 august.

The tournament started 50 minutes later than planned, with an openingspeech of the president of the Surinaamse Schaakbond, Carlos dos Ramos.


 Special guest Kees Greevenbosh has the honour to do the first move on the board of U-12 favourite Pierre Chang.

         85 children playing chess

                The U-16 group


All favourites in the different agegroups manage to convert their first game in a win. In my opinion the favourites are:

U-10 : Ashwari Akloe (in Trinidad she finished 3rd in the u-10 section)

U-12 : Pierre Chang (8 years old, finish in Trinidad on the 5th place in the U-14section, U-10 national champion 2009 )

U-14 : Rosangela dos Ramos (member of the women chessolympiad team, 3rd place National Ladieschampionships 2010-Elo rating: 1733)

U-16: Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe (12 years old, finish in Trinidad on the 6th place in the U-20 section, national U-14 champion 2009, Elo rating : 1896)


This will be the players to beat, if others want to become champion in their groups.

9 rounds swiss will played in the U-10 and U-12 and 7 rounds swiss in the U-14 and U-16. 

The tournament will continue today afternoon with the U-14 and U-16 playing their 2nd round.


18 august 2010                                 Rectification Results Caribbean Chess Carnival 2010

  In my previous article I have also corrected the standings

 The final standing of the chessplayers from Suriname are:


U-10 :

3th place : Ashwari Akloe

5th place : Benaja Kromosoeto


U-14 :

5th place : Pierre Chang

8th place: Ridley Kleyenburg

13th place: Jamal Chiragally 




4th place : Avikaar Malgie

6th place : Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe

9th place : Immanuel Kromosoeto

23th place : Pari Akloe



6th place : IM Nestor Velez Betancourt

22th place : Romario Sanches


16 august 2010                                    Will a Caribbean Chess Union finally come?

On august 12 there was a historic meeting between 4 Chessfederations and team Karpov on Curacao. The Surinaamse Schaakbond was also represented by Carlos dos Ramos (president) and Aubrey Kappel (secretary). Team Karpov was represented by Anatoly Karpov himself, the former worldchampion, running for Fide president and Richard Conn, running for vice president.

 Karpov shaking hands with Carlos dos Ramos


  Karpov in the middle, flanked by Richard Conn is leading the meeting

 The other 3 federations were The Netherlands Antilles Federation, Guyana Chess Federation and the Jamaica Chess Federation. Also the first time 2 dutch speaking Federations meets with 2 English speaking Federations. After exchanging views, the final outcome was that the FIDE should pay more attention to the Caribbean. The support to these countries should be more visible, especially the support to upgrade the level of trainers and players in these countries.

A very important conclusion was that there should be an unified body of Caribbean countries. A Caribbean Chess Union. This union only can exist if the FIDE is willing to financially support this union. Karpov promised, that if he wins, he can support this union annually with U$ 50.000. The 4 federations pledge to each other, to give all efforts to make this Caribbean "dream", together with the other caribbean countries come true.


I also will support every initiative in the founding of these Caribbean Chess Union. Bringing the Caribbean together in this union, will also bring together experiences, know-how and visions. In a structured way the countries will develop in a much faster way.

I already imagine tournaments as : The Caribbean Champion ships, The Caribbean Chess Olympiads, The Caribbean Scholastic tournament and the Caribbean tournaments for Schoolteams.Or a Institute for arbiters, trainers and players. Ths effort to make a  stand together may not depend on who ever wins the Fide elections. At all times we should demand our position in the FIDE, who ever wins. It' s the duty of the FIDE to develop every member in their organization,and this should be clearly stated in both candidates their program.



Also read the article in "De Ware Tijd" (Suriname) and "Stabroeknews" (Guyana)

 DWT article 12 aug 2010


9 august 2010                               Results Caribbean Chess Carnival 2010

 The Caribbean Chess Carnival came to an end on sunday 8 august. Chessplayers from Suriname participated in all age sections. Compare to last year, with 2 championships, this years harvest is very poor. Only one place in the top 3 for Ashwari Akloe in the U-10 section. Benaja Kromosoeto score 6,5 points, the same amount of points as Ashwari but ended after tie-breaks on the 5th place. In the u-14 section the best results from our chess delegation came from the 8-year old Pierre Chang. With 6 points he ended on the 4th place.  Considering his age and the higher age group he was competing, this is not a bad result. Pierre is at this moment still the u-10 youthchampion in Suriname.


In the u-20 section, all eyes were on one of our top youthplayer, the 12 year old Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe. After a 100% start (3-3), something went wrong and Calvin scores in his last 6 games only 2 points, what resulted in an 8th place. Avikaar Malgie started the tournament very poor (1,5 point out of 5), but was very succesful in his last games  (4-4), and this 100% endsprint brings him the 4th place price. Looking at the stats and opponents, probably Calvin his Elo rating of 1896 will increase, and maybe Imannuel Kromosoeto will be on the next Fide ratinglist.

In the open section Romario Sanches our national youthchampion, and last year winner of the U-20 section, ended on the 22th place with 4.5 point out of 9 games (3 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses). 

Looking at Romarios opponents it is expected that Romario's Elo rating of 1972 will increase. The "Surinamese" Cuban Maestro IM Nestor Velez Betancourt did very well, considering the fact that Nestor has not played an international tournament for a few years. IM Nestor Velez Betancourt did not loose a single game. He ended on the 6th place with 6 points (3 wins and 6 draws). One of the draw came against GM Sagalchik (2437) from USA, the winner of the tournament. The 6 topspots of this tournament

were occupied by 1 GM and 5 IM's.





As this tournament on Trinidad is becoming some kind of an informal Caribbean Youth championships, it would be advisable that the Surinaamse Schaakbond send also official representatives of the different age groups, to this tournament. The Surinaamse Schaakbond is sending only the youthchampion as our official representative,but the Surinaamse Schaakbond must strive to send also the best players in all different age groups to this tournament.

It would be a good thing to reward, champions in the different age groups during the upcoming National Youth championships with a guarantee that they will send out to participate in the Caribbean Chess Carnival.


Overall results:


U-10 section (participants: 35)

Winner : Justin Labastide (Trinidad) :  8 points

3th place: Ashwari Akloe : 5,5 points

5th place: Benaja Kromosoeto : 5,5 points


U-14 section (participants : 28)

Winner : Joshua Johnson (Trinidad) : 8.5 points

5th place : Pierre Chang : 6 points

8th place : Ridley Kleyenburg : 5.5 points

13th place : Jamal Chiragally : 5 points


U-20 section (participants: 25)

Winner : FM Finol Berrueta (Venezuela) : 8 point

4th place : Avikaar Malgie : 5,5 points

6th place : Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe : 5 points

9th place : Immanuel Kromosoeto : 5 points

23th place : Pari Akloe : 3 points


Open section (participants : 38)

Winner : GM Sagalchik (USA) : 7 points

6th place: IM Betancourt (Cuba) : 6 points

22th place : Romario Sanches : 4,5 points



Read the daily reports on this tournament on :




or view photos on:



6 august 2010        Surinamese chessplayers in Trinidad

Chessplayers from Suriname are participating in the annual Caribbean Chess Carnival in Port of Spain, Trinidad. This tournament has become the unofficial Caribbean Youth Championschips, and a very good warming-up for our young chessplayers for the upcoming National youthchampionships.

Last year Surinamese chessplayers got 2 championships in this Caribbean Chess Carnival; Romario Sanches took home the title in  the

u-20 section and Immanuel Kromosoeto wins the u-14 section. This year, due to their ages, Romario is playing in the Open section and Immanuel Kromosoeto is playing in the u-20 section. Up till now, already 6 rounds are played of the total of 9 rounds.

This tournament is played from 3 august till 9 august.

 The Surinamese flag is proudly represented by young Surinamese chess players in the Trinidad Caribbaen Chess Carnival.


Wasudha Malgie very proud of her clubpupil Ashwari Akloe, who is doing very well in the u-10 section.



IA Aubrey Kappel (in blue) is also one of the Head Arbiters in this international tournament in Trinidad.

For more photos, visit :



 U-10 section:

In this section there are 34 participants coming from Trinidad, Jamaica, Venezuela and Suriname. The Surinamese chessplayers in this group are Ashwari Akloe, a girl who is doing very well, and Benaja Kromosoeto.

Ashwari Akloe have 5 points out of 6, and is still in the top 5.

Benaja Kromosoeto have 4 points.


U-14 section:

In this section there are 28 participants, also from Trinidad, Jamaica, Venezuela and Suriname. The players form Suriname are lead by the 8 year old Pierre Chang, who got 4,5 point out of 6. Pierre is still in the top 5.

Ridley Kleyenburg got 4 point and Jamal Chiragally 3,5 point.


U-20 section

In this section there are 24 participants, coming from Trinidad, Venezuela, USA, St. Lucia and Suriname. The best performing Surinamese player is our 12-year Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe,  at this young age, already a very experienced tournament player.

Calvin got 4 points, Immanuel Kromosoeto 3 points, Avikaar Malgie 2,5 points and Pari Akloe got 2 point. Pari is the older sister of Ashwari, who is playing in the u-10 section.


Open section

In this section there are 38 particpants, coming from Trinidad, USA, Nigeria, Cuba, Venezuela, Jamaica, Barbados and Suriname. 1 GM from USA, 6 IMs and 3 FMs are telling the story of the quality of this tournament.

Our Cuban trainer IM Nestor Velez Betancourt is also participating together with Romario Sanches, our national youthchampion.

IM Velez Nestor Betancourt got 3 points out of 5 games, and Romario is following with 2,5 point of 5 games. Leader in this tournament is IM Adu form Nigeria with 4,5 point, and he is playing in the 6th round against GM Sagalchik from USA, In the 6th round Romario will meet FM Pouchet (Trinidad) and IM Betancourt will face FM Merrit (Trinidad).


IA Aubrey Kappel, who got an special invitation, is the arbiter of the U-20 section. The group is accompanied by CSV delegation leader Wasudha Malgie and parents. Rudie Tjong Tjin Joe is doing a daily report of this  tournament from Trinidad. You can read this on:






2 augustus 2010             Surinaamse Schaakbond fundraising in Maretraite Mall



National Champion CM Roger Matoewi and also the president of the Surinaamse Schaakbond, enjoying a game of chess in the Maretraite Mall

 The Surinaamse Schaakbond was in the Maretraite Mall last sunday

1 august, with a delegation of boardmembers, parents, chess players and of course, the players of the chessolympiadteam.

Visitors of the Maretraite mall, were looking surprised of the not ordinary sight of people playing chess in the corridors of the Mall or in the foodcourt upstairs.

A lot of people stops by, looking at the game of chess. Meanwhile people were asked for a small contributions by colouring a card. On this colouringcard the smallest contribution is SRD 1 and the highest contribution is SRD 10.

The fundraising starts at 18.00u and ended 21.00u. After a lot of talking, convincing, even hearing some unfriendly comments, but also many friendly reactions of support,  the chessgroup manage to have visitors of the Mall

complete 10 colouringcards, a total amount of SRD 1031 (approx. U$ 600)

The Surinaamse Schaakbond will have more of these fundraisings, so that at the end, our chessolympiad teams can participate in the 39th Chessolympiad in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia.  


2 augustus 2010                                Leadership change in HJP Open Laddercompetition

Top 5 after 6 rounds 

Ricardo dos Ramos


Wim Veer

  Gavin Ooft


Geryen dos Ramos

Alexander Kafiluddin

  In the Open Laddercompetition of "Het Jonge Paard" there is a change of leadership, after Ricardo dos Ramos win against the leader Wim Veer, on saturday 31 july 2010. Ricardo dos Ramos, playing with the black pieces, answers the d4 of Wim Veer, unusual, with a6. After that black pushes more pawns on the 6th row, an opening dos Ramos calls "the demon".

In the middlegame Wim Veer gave Ricardo dos Ramos the chance to gain advantage on the kingside, and this advantage (doublepawn on f2 and f3)was put eventually in a win. Alexander Kafiluddin manage to win from Reyna Frijde, and with this win he improves his position on the Ladder, and steps into the top 5, while Ritchie Maskam, lost his place in the top 5, after his loss against Geryen dos Ramos. The  two other ladies WCM Tesora Ooft en Rosangela dos Ramos, shows their skills with their victories against respectively Zephan Bendt and Alfred Ford.


The next round of this competition will continue on 14 august 2010.  


The results of the games in the 6 rounds were:


Wim Veer - Ricardo dos Ramos             0 - 1

Ritchie Maskam - Geryen dos Ramos    0 - 1

Reyna Frijde - Alexander Kafiluddin        0 - 1

Zephan Bendt - WCM Tesora Ooft          0 - 1

Rosangela dos Ramos - Alfred Ford       1 - 0


Standing after 6 rounds (top 5) :


1. Ricardo dos Ramos       120 points

2. Wim Veer                       99,5 points

3. Gavin Ooft                      82 points

4. Geryen dos Ramos         75 points

5. Alexander Kafiluddin        52 points

Read more of other competitions of "Het Jonge Paard" :



30 juli 2010                              Kees Greevenbosch says Goodbye to Suriname


          Kees Greevenbosch


  Wim Veer - Kees Greevenbosch

      (Rapid tournament 2009)

 Kees-IM Nestor Velez Betancourt

      (Rapid Tournament 2009)

Kees against the 8 year talent

Pierre Chang

(Rapid Tournament 2009)

Kees during a simultaan seance against Holland IM Edwin Haastert (2010)

On wednesday 28 july 2010 Kees and Sylvia Greevenbosch held a "goodbye" reception at the residence of the Ambassador of the Netherlands, with close friends, colleagues, relations and of course his chess friends. The Ambassador Aart Jacobi shows in his welcome word his gratitude to Kees and his wife, and characterized them as very warm and very nice people, and that they shall be missed. Talking about Kees his favourite sport Chess, the Ambassador told that he also knows how to play chess, and that he has learn his son to play chess. But he stops with chess, when his son start winning him after just 3 weeks playing chess. Kees said in his speech, that many people doesn't knows he lives a "double life". Only few knows, that besides his work at the embassy he was also fully participating in the chesslife of Suriname. He was impressed by the large group of enthusiastic chess youth and the efforts of the people working to keep the organisation going.

In a very relaxed atmosphere, with a nice view of the Suriname river, and the taste of sweet exotic snacks, Kees and Sylvia Greevenbosch, were enjoying the company of people close to them during their 2 years stay in Suriname.


Kees Greevenbosch  

Kees Greevenbosch is the head of consular affairs at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Suriname, but in his spare time, member of chessclub CSV, where he played the weekly open Laddercompetition of CSV.

For two years he participated in individual tournaments of the Surinaamse Schaakbond. There were only a few chessplayers, who knows what Kees his real profession was. He was just Kees to everybody, a normal, very relaxed,  sympathetic guy, who plays chess against every youthplayer who wants to take him on. He plays in the Interclubcompetition in the Topclass in the first team of CSV. Kees, have a ELO rating of 2050, and is known by his razorsharp plays, very attacking, not afraid to sacrifice pieces.Especially his marshall gambit in the Ruy Lopez opening was a fearful weapon, which his opponent tries to avoid. I remember a game of my son Geryen against Kees, during an interclubgame HJP2-CSV1, when Geryen unsuspected walks in Kees marshall gambit. A strong kingside attack, sacrificed pieces and it was all over for Geryen. Luckily for Geryen he could take his revanche in the 2nd round of the Interclubcompetition, in a wild game, where both sides has their chances. But this was typical for Kees game, always looking for the attack, always playing adventurous. Kees was already one of us, one of the big chessfamily.

It's a pity he had to go but the life of a diplomatic is always one of leaving. As a passionate chesplayer he surely will join the chesslife in Malta.


We wish Kees and Sylvia Greevenbosch the very best in Malta, where Kees will begins his new job at the Embassy there.  


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27 july 2010                              Program Surinaamse Schaakbond 2010 (revised)

The new board of the Surinaamse Schaakbond forwarded a revised activities program 2010. The difference between the previous program is that the Interclubcompetition for the A and B classes, will be organised in the period oktober-november 2010. On the revised program one activity has been added, namely the celebration of the 55th years existance of the Surinaamse Schaakbond on 18 and 19 september, while the qualification tournament for the National Championship 2011 is removed. It's advisable that the Surinaamse Schaakbond already put together a tournamentprogram for 2011.

The revised SSB program is updated in the section Calendar. (Click on tabblad Calendar 

26 july 2010                                  Chessclub CSV put on a Grand Chess Festival


CM Michael Siban 


  Wasudha Malgie

(Photo: calvinchess)

Winners Pawnclass, level 1

(Photo : Calvinchess)


View of the playinghall

(Photo : Geryen dos Ramos) 

Rosangela dos Ramos aganist her uncle Carlos dos Ramos, president of the Surinaamse Schaakbond.Rosangela won.

(Photo: Geryen dos Ramos) 

Winners Kingsclass:

 John Ramdattewarie (nr.1), Calcin Tjong Tjin Joe (nr.3) and Suradj Hanoeman (nr.2)


 Complete standings

CSV standings 25 july 2010 

For more photos: view:


Chessclub CSV, under chairmanship of Wasudha Malgie, has organised on sunday 25th july a great chess festival in Elisabeths boardingschool for boys. CM Michael Siban, shall be a very proud man, to see his seeds of years efforts and sacrifices to build CSV to a healthy body of young talents and enthusiastis young cadres together with parents, flourish into a young dynamic innovative board, organising one of the biggest individual tournament in the last years.CM Michael Siban had to leave Suriname last month, to finish his eye specialist study in Holland, but not before he left "his" club in good hands, and probably still "coaching" from Holland.

A large number of mostly young chessplayers from different chessclubs and  from the chessschools Domburg and Koewarasan participating in the CSV tournament, putting together a respectable amount of an 100+ participants.  This amount proofs that the chesssport is a growing and viable sport.

To manage this large group of players the organisers of CSV got a lot of help of parents, older members of CSV and expertise from outside.

The sponsorship of Chiraq Motors, the good preparation of the CSV organisers, the 200% effort of all CSV and not-CSV helpers, and the support of the Surinaamse Schaakbond and other clubs, made this tournament to a memorable Chess festival.

This tournament that was organised under the name of CSV open Rapid Chess championship is in fact a Blitz tournament. According to the Fide rules, every tempo played under 15 minutes per player is categorized as Blitz. As Rapid is qualified a tempo between 15 minutes and 1 hour per player. The playing tempo in this tournament was 10 minutes p.p.

The particpants were divided in a Kingclass, Rookclass level 1 and 2 and Pawnclass, level 1,2 and 3, based on their levels and tournament experiences. As it's very difficult to measure playinglevel exactly, it was not always clear, which player should have played in a lower or higher class. Most of the time it's up to the player self,  will he go for the price facing relatively weaker opponents or if the player thinks of him (her) self as a strong player, he or her will go for the real challenge and honour to play tough games. In the Kingsclass (Topclass), I praise all the players, who could have played in the Rookclass, but had the guts to play strong, experienced and older opponents, even they knew the chance of winning a price was very slim. Especially the two ladies in the Kingsclass, Reyna Frijde and Rosangela dos Ramos, both members of the women chessolympiad team, fought very hard for every game, and gave all their opponents difficult times behind the board. It's also good to keep watching the 12 year Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe progressively working his way to the top of Suriname. Calvin ended on the 3rd place in the Kingsclass.

In the pawnclasses (beginners) we observe some interesting development. In the Pawnclass, level 1, we had in the top 5 position 2 players form chesschool Koewarasan, and a girl form chesschool Domburg, Sherrelyn Tomokaryo winning the group. In the Pawnclass, level 2, we had in the top 5 position, 2 players from chessschool Domburg, and the winner of these group was a girl from CSV, Geligue Romalho.

Based on previous results and this results we can say that the Staatsolieproject "Chess for Everybody" with the pilotschools Domburg and Koewarasan, are already showing good results. Further there is a very postive development in girls (ladies) chess. Girls don't play chess anymore just to particpate, girls knows that they also can win tournaments and that they don't have to second best to their male opponents.


All participants received from the organisation very nice chesspiece keyring and a small towel of the sponsor as souvenirs of this tournament.


As the purpose of this tournament was to raise funds to send players to the Caribbean Chess festival in Trinidad, there was of course enough food and drinks. From my point of view, CSV can be very satisfied that they succeeded in their goal of fundraising.

Despite some minor gaps in the organisation, I noticed that all the participants were very pleased with the tournament and the overall output deserves a thick +.

A lot of players are hoping that CSV will make this tournament to an annual CSV Chess Festival.

26 july 2010                     Even a Blackout can't stop chessplayers from playing chess


Gavin vs Wim 0 - 1

"Blame it on the light"?

Standings after 5 rounds:

1. Wim Veer                    99 1/2

2. Ricardo dos Ramos     90

3. Gavin Ooft                  82

4. Geryen dos Ramos      49

5/6. Richie Maskam/

      Franklin Mungroo      33 1/2


Next round:  sat.  31 july 2010.

For more news about the other competitions of "Het Jonge Paard" go to : http://www.hetjongepaard.com/




During the Open Laddercompetition of "Het Jonge Paard" on 25th of july, suddenly the lights went out, a complete blackout. The chessplayers don't hesitate, and the cellulairs lights were used to continue the games. After a good 45 minutes the electricity returns and the games that still were in progress, could be finished in clear light. Good old Wim Veer took over the first place position after patiently cashing his good position in a win against the leader at that moment Gavin Ooft. In another game, father and son battle looks like becoming a draw, but in the endgame Geryen was not acurate and he had to leave the win to his father. The two ladies Reyna Frijde and Rosangela dos Ramos, both members of the women chess olympiad team,

were giving their male opponents difficult times, forcing their opponents in a draw. The total participants in this Laddercompetition is 18. The playing tempo is 30 min per player, and on the top boards with an increment of 15 seconds per move.


The games on saturday 25 july were :

Gavin Ooft - Wim Veer                                     0 - 1

Ricardo dos Ramos - Geryen dos Ramos          1 - 0 

Alexander Kafiluddin - Rosangela dos Ramos 1/2 -1/2

Richie Maskam - Reyna Frijde                       1/2 - 1/2

Peter van Leesten - Quinlan Hirosemito             0 - 1

23 july 2010           Chessclub CSV Open Blitztournament on 25th of july


     Wasudha Malgie,

     chair(wo)man of      chessclub CSV








Chessclub CSV, with Wasudha Malgie as their chairman of the board (the first female chairman of any chessclub in Suriname) is organising on 25th of  juli 2010, an Open Blitz tournament. There will be played in 3 classes:

Pion (beginners, slightly advanced players)

Toren (advanced players)

Koning (strong clubchessplayers)


Starting time: 10.00u

Playing venue : Elizabeths Hof

Playingtempo : 10 minute per person


The purpose of this tournament is to do some fundraising so the club can send players from their club to the Caribbean Chess Carnival in Trinidad, that will be held from  3 till 8 august 2010.



22 july 2010 :                                                                                                           Surinaamse Schaakbond still looking for Financial support                               Chess Olympiad teams

De Surinaamse Schaakbond (SSB)  is still looking for financial supports for her Olympiad teams. The private sector have not yet reacted on the many sponsorsletters of the SSB.

From the Surinam Olympic Committee there is an promise to support, as usual, de SSB in her financial costs. The total financial costs is approx. calculated Euro 15,000. Meanwhile de SSB started a colorcard fundraising action. A lot of chessplayers of different clubs are participating in this colorcard fundraising action. Based on previous colorcards fundraisings the estimation is that this fundraising will bring in Euro 2.500.

From the members of the chessolympiad teams there will be also an own contribution.

The SSB is hoping that every member can have an own contribution of U$ 500, and that the total own contribution will bring in U$ 6.500 (Euro 5.000).

This means that there is still a financial gap of Euro 7.500.

De SSB hope that the private sector will help contribute to fill in this gap. 


Suriname Chess Olympiad Team

The Chess Olympiad teams for 2010, that will be held in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia, is already in place:

Team for the open section:



 board 1 : National Champion 2010 CM Roger Matoewi (ELO rating:

 board 2 : CM Dewperkash Gajadin

 board 3 : Franklin Mungroo

 board 4 : Suradj Hanoeman

 Reserve : Willem Veer 


 Captain Mens team : Harold Tjoe Ny






Team for the Women section:



 board 1 : National Ladieschampion 2010 WFM Victoria Naipal

 board 2 : Ekaterina Naipal

 board 3 : WCM Tesora Ooft

 board 4 : Rosangela dos Ramos

 Reserve : Reyna Frijde 



Captain Women team : Marijette Djojowiardjo







Head of Delegation / Fide delegate : Ricardo dos Ramos